Quick3DPlan Activation process

Quick3DPlan for Windows Activation process.


 First time launch 

Once installed Quick3dPlan®,you only have to click on the icon of the program, which was created in the start menu. When starting for the first time, the program will display the following dialog.

Enter license number

In the "Password" box will appear the license number that has been supplied with the program, that you used during the installation process.

Click on the button "Internet activation" and the program will be activated. If the activation is correct will receive the following message:

The application has been succesfully activated

Once activated, the program will start. The product can only be activated once.

Otherwise the program will tell you that the license number entered is incorrect.

You submitted a wrong password

If the number entered match the one received in your purchase, please contact our technical department to rectify this error.

 Manual activation 

If you do not have Internet connection for the product activation, you can make it entering an activation code. To do this click on "Manual activation" and the program will display the following dialog:

Quick3DPlan manual activation

Copy the code that appears and send it along with your details (name, company, address, phone number, etc. ...), by email to activation@quick3dplan.com. In a short period of time, you will receive your activation code to be placed in the box below. (To avoid errors please "copy" the code and "Paste" in the box directly). Then click "Ok", it will have already activated the product.

Important note: The security mechanisms of activation may disable the software if you try to pass it to another computer without this protocol, if you manipulate the mechanisms of establishing dates on your computer, if you use the software after the expiration of the relevant assessment period or limited, or if you perform other actions that can neutralize the security function. For details, see the documentation on the software license or Microcad Software made it available upon request.

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