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(NOTE: Quick3DPlan® Express for Mac and Quick3DPlan® Express for Windows have the same features.)

Quick3DPlan® Express is even easier than Quick3DPlan®. You won´t believe how easy it is to use it. The main difference with Quick3DPlan® is that the Express version has catalogs with fewer items and the cabinets and accessories cannot be changed after being inserted.

Find below a short list of Quick3DPlan® Express main features:
  • Very easy to use and to learn.
  • Design in centimeters with a European catalog or in inches with an American frameless catalog.
  • Cabinet, accessory and appliance dimensions can be changed before inserting them.
  • You can use two windows to design. One with a 2D floor plan and another one with a 3D image with lights and finishes. You can insert and move items in any of them.
  • Print floor plans and 3D photorealistic views of your designs.
  • Generate a list of cabinets, appliances and accessories of each project.
Main features of Quick3DPlan Express for Mac, the easiest and affordable 3D kitchen design software for standard kitchens.


(*) Optional purchase
Tabs: The new Quick3DPlan® Express includes an updated interface with tabs that show all the available options for architecture, furnishing, views... reducing the number of mouse clicks.

New interface with tabs

Autosaved file list

Files: With only one click you have access to the last projects and the security copy that Quick3DPlan® saves in case the program closes down unexpectedly.

Print: Quick3DPlan® includes a new "Print Preview" window for images and reports. You can enter your company name, company logo and page footer.

New print preview window

autokitchen Express 2: You can open a project, developed on an iPad with autokitchen® express 2, and finish it with Quick3DPlan® on your computer.
autokitchen® express 2

 (*) 2D Plans 
New options to add notes and measure distances on the floor plan:

Add notes and measure distances

Distance between two points Distance between two points: New tool to calculate the distance between two selected points in the design.

Text insertion
Tool to add text to the 2D plan in different colors.
After inserted the text can be moved with the mouse, it can be modified by double-clicking on it and deleted with the rubber.

Text insertion window

Drawing of separate lines controlling thickness, color and with the possibility of adding one or two arrows at the extremes. Insertion of shapes: circle, square, rectangle and polygon with any number of sides.

2D notes

 Cabinets, appliances and accesories 
Apart from changing the dimensions before inserting a cabinet, once inserted, you can:
  • (*) Change/substitute a cabinet.
  • (*) Change/substitute an accessory.
  • (*) Change/substitute an electrical appliance.

Edit cabinet

New sinks, faucets and other appliances have been added (click here to see updated appliance catalog).

New sinks, faucets and other appliances

 (*) Hide/Show objects 

Display filters allow you to show or hide walls, floor, cabinets, accessories, appliances, text, and dimensions...

Hide/Show objects

 3D Views 
Enhanced image quality: The 3D view shows the shadows generated by the inserted items. The quality of the materials has been improved.

3D wall and floor visualization has been improved to show softer lights and shadows.

Enhanced image quality

Shadow intensity

Shadow intensity: New tool to modify shadow intensity to make it darker or lighter. Changes are instantly shown on the screen and you can see how shadows change while moving a light.

On/Off Shadows

When starting a new project, five lights are active by default and each one can be moved to a new position. The shadow of each light can be turned on/off separately (*).

Lights window

 (*) List of cabinets, appliances and accesories 

Quick3DPlan® Express creates a list of cabinets, appliances and accessories with description, width, depth, height and door swing. This list can be printed, exported to Excel or saved in a PDF file.

List of cabinets, appliances and accessories

 Quick3DPlan® Express Main Features 
2D/3D kitchen view
You can design in 2D or 3D with Quick3DPlan® and go back and forth between the two. It generates a color or B/W floor plan with dimensions and 3D perspectives with finishes and lighting.

Quick3DPlan Express, 2D kitchen view

Quick3DPlan Express, 3D kitchen view

Tool to create views
Achieving the perfect perspective is simple using the mouse to move the camera around the kitchen.
Tool to draw architecture
You can select from a list of room shapes and change the dimensions, or you can draw your own walls of any length and angle. You can also insert doors, and windows of any dimension.
Wide variety of materials: Paintings, tiles, marble, etc.
More than 60 materials for the walls and the floor, including paints, tiles, marbles, wooden foors...
Extensive universal catalog of cabinets
Quick3DPlan® Express has an extensive universal catalog of more than 400 cabinets, 6 door styles and 12 door pulls.
Multiple finishes for cabinets and countertops
There are 50 finishes for cabinets, doors and countertops including marble, granite, stone, wood, laminate and colors.
Wide variety of appliances
Quick3DPlan® Express includes appliances like refrigerators, faucets, sinks, hoods, washer-dryers, dishwashers, ovens and microwaves.
Export the list of cabinets.
When you have finished the design, you can print a list of cabinets, appliances and accessories, including the reference code, description and dimensions.


Auto-save function. The user can set the time between each automatic save and the file name.

Autosave settings


The Unit Style panel allows you to select the door style, the handle and the finishes of the door, handle, box, baseboard (toe-kick), crown molding, light rail, countertop and backsplash. These changes can be done for all the cabinets in the kitchen or just for one.

Materials windows

You can change the materials of the different parts of the accessories (tables, chairs, shelves, panels, bottles, plants ...). More than 50 materials available: colors, woods...

Change the accessories material


While drawing walls the program shows two lines with the wall thickness and its length. The wall length can be set with the mouse on the screen or by typing its value.

When inserting a door or window its position can be set with the mouse or by typing the distance to the wall corner.

The 2D plan shows the distance between doors, windows and wall corners.

Doors and windows dimensions

  Furniture, accessories and electrical appliances  

While moving a cabinet, accessory or appliance with the mouse, the program shows the free distance on both sides.

Free distance on both sides of the object

 List of cabinets, appliances and accessories 

Quick3DPlan® Express can print a list of cabinets, appliances and accessories with description, width, depth, height and door swing.

List of cabinets, appliances and accessories

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