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All about Microcad Software, experts in the development and sales of interior design software for more than thirty years.
A company with more than thirty years of experience in international markets.

Microcad Software is a company specialized in the development of interior design software. It has its own offices in Spain, United States and England.

Microcad Software has a wide range of design programs, which adapt to the needs of all clients.

autokitchen® is the most powerful kitchen, bathroom and closet design software that allows you to generate high quality photorealistic images, 360 panoramas, assembly plans and estimates with any level of detail quickly and easily. You can also generate information for the furniture manufacture. autokitchen® is compatible with AutoCAD® (more information).

Quick3DPlan® is the simplest and cheapest software for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or closet design. Quick3DPlan® allows to generate 3D views, dimensioned floor plans and elevation, and lists (more information).

autodecco® is an interior design software similar to autokitchen®, but adaptable to any sector. There is an specific version for industrial kitchens used by catering companies, equipment dealers, architects, etc ... autodecco® has tools to customize the libraries with AutoCAD® blocks. There are clients as disparate as manufacturers of cruise command bridges, shopping malls, franchises, etc ... (more information).

autoclosets® is a wardrobe and dressing room design software with a wizard-type interface (step by step). This makes it extremely easy to use and very fast when designing and modifying cabinets. The program generates dimensional elevations, lists, budgets and 3D views. Cabinets designed with autoclosets® can be imported in autokitchen® or autodecco® to generate 3D images with maximum realism (more information).

EZ Kitchen 3+®, EZ Bathroom+®, EZ Office+®, EZ Living Room+®, EZ Kitchen+®, EZ Garage+® and EZ Closet+® are Apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the App Store. This range of applications allows designs to be made quickly and easily in 2D. All of them generate an image, a list and a dxf file that can be opened with AutoCAD® (more information).

In addition to its regular programs, Microcad Software develops design programs for large companies that want a customized tool to help them present their products to end users in a virtual reality environment. This is applicable to manufacturers of shelves, laboratories, hospitals, motor homes, clothing or restaurant franchises, offices ...

Among these personalized programs, Smart Racking stands out, developed for the Stow Group, one of the leading European manufacturers of shelving and storage systems. Smart Racking allows your sales representatives to carry out the implementation of their different rack models in a few seconds, within a virtual architectural space. In addition, it allows them to "walk" through the installation through virtual 3D tours, available in both a photorealistic and line view. Finally, it allows generating the necessary plans and the list of all the parts used in the implementation for the budget.

Microcad Software also develops customized budgeting programs. These programs can be automatically connected to the design program or operate independently. The products of the manufacturer's catalog are shown while it allows to easily make estimates and orders. In addition, the manufacturer can send by the Internet new prices and references to their stores, meaning great savings when updating catalogs.

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Microcad Software, more than thirty years offering the most advanced technology for designing interior spaces. Apps for Windows, Mac and iOS.

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